Foreclosed home threatens neighborhood with toxic mold

Toxic mold has overtaken an Oshkosh, WI home. A legal battle has ensued between the City of Oshkosh and Countrywide, the owner of the vacant home. The city has been asking the company to send contractors out since January to determine if the home is worth saving. Oshkosh is threatening to demolish the home because […]

Toxic mold may be compromising evidence in Wisconsin

Clark County has toxic mold overtaking their storage shed. Sheriff Louis Rosandich says mold is literally growing on stored evidence. He gave his investigators masks to wear when they go inside the building. “It’s pretty bad. The ceiling is wet. Because of the moisture, it’s starting to sag,” says Sheriff Rosandich. Clark County Board will […]

Toxic mold still lingers in Wisconsin

A Wisconsin flood victim has found toxic mold. For a year now Carol Burgess has been trying to pinpoint the health hazard in her home. Her symptoms grew worse over time, appearing at first to be allergies. Soon she developed a severe cough, and finally her health debilitated to a point that she […]

Wisconsin residents concerned about toxic mold

Toxic mold is a concern for Rock County residents. Rock River has created some flooding concerns this past week, however, many people are still focused on the flooding that happened last summer. Residents are worried that toxic mold growth from abandoned homes will create a health hazard. The Rock County Health Department says believes as […]