Congressmen seeking drywall deduction from IRS

Lawmakers have contacted the IRS regarding a toxic drywall deduction. Congressmen Mark Warner, Jim Web, Bill Nelson, and Glenn Nye wrote Floyd Williams at the IRS seeking help for homeowners whose property has been damaged by the drywall from China. The lawmakers believe toxic drywall losses should qualify as a “casual loss” deduction […]

Attorney and realtors discuss toxic drywall disclosure

Should toxic drywall in homes be disclosed? Realtors in Hampton Roads, VA attended a town hall meeting to discuss what they should do if homes they are selling contain drywall from China. The meeting was led by attorney Richard Serpe and , who has joined other lawyers across the country to help homeowners […]

Virgina teacher files suit against school board

A teacher says Suffolk School Board knew about toxic mold. Cristina Hood taught at Booker T. Washington Elementary School, where she suffered from allergic reactions, respiratory problems and skin rashes. She believes the school board knew about the long-standing moisture and mold levels at the school. According to the lawsuit, there is a […]

Inspectors researching toxic drywall in Virginia

A Norfolk home is being inspected for toxic drywall. Michelle Germano has filed a lawsuit claiming the drywall made her sick. She wants samples taken, however, health officials are waiting for the EPA to create a protocol for state testing. Once this happens, the department will have more knowledge on what to look […]

Virgina community bans toxic drywall

Norfolk is the first U.S. city to ban toxic drywall from China. The ordinance was imposed to protect homeowners from builders who knowingly use products that might not be safe. Contractors must certify that they are not using drywall from China, or they will be denied a building permit. The EPA released results of tests […]

Toxic drywall imported by Virginia supplier

Toxic drywall has been found in Virginia developments. A construction supplier based out of Norfolk imported 2000 pallets between March 2006 and December 2008, which is enough to build at least 240 homes. The drywall from China emits a toxic gas that damages electrical systems and causes respiratory problems.

Virginia couple wins toxic mold case

A Loudoun County couple wins their toxic mold case, however the original award was  reduced  because the jury found no evidence that Paul and Wendy Meng developed long-term health problems. The Mengs sued their contractor in August 2007 after mold began to grow in their home from leaky basement windows.

Veteran fighting toxic mold in Virginia home

Toxic mold has consumed the bedroom of a Bedford County home, causing concern for homeowner and war veteran Deshano Hood. The mold has prevented his daughter from using the room since October 2008. Dan Currie, a Lynchburg area homebuilder, believes the mold growth was caused by a shower leak from a nearby room. John Lewandowski, […]

Family abandons Virginia home after finding toxic mold

The Smith family from Chesapeake, VA found toxic mold growing in their 80-year-old home. It was so bad, mold experts told them to leave, tear the house down and start from scratch. For years, the family suffered from allergies and asthma. Stanley Yeskolski with Investigative Inspection Services, Inc. recommended the family rebuild because the toxic […]