CPSC launches toxic drywall information center

A new toxic drywall resource has been introduced. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has created the Drywall Information Center to help homeowners stay up-to-date with the drywall investigation. Included is a map showing the states where toxic drywall has been reported. So far, 18 states and the District of Columbia have been effected. […]

Obama addresses toxic drywall scandal

President Obama wants more action regarding the toxic drywall issue. He has nominated Inez Moore Tenebaum to replace Nancy Nord as the current chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Obama also plans to increase the CSPC commissioners from three to five, as well as raise their budget. He believes these changes will revitalize the […]

Toxic fungus wiping out frog species

Amphibians are being threatened by a deadly fungus. Zoos in the US, Panama and Mexico are researching methods to fight off this fast spreading disease. Chytrid fungus has been found in 87 countries, including the United States. The reaction frogs are having to this killer fungus is similar to human reaction with toxic mold. Scientists […]

Mold fungus wiping out bat population

A deadly mold fungus is devastating the US bat population. The forest service hopes to stop the spread of this mysterious condition that has killed nearly a half a million of the creatures. Mold is obviously toxic to bats. Wouldn’t it be nice if health officials would take mold’s effect on human health as serious […]

Toxic drywall not a new problem

The current attention on toxic drywall from China is shedding new light on a problem known since at least 1998. The joint compound used in all drywall construction is toxic, particularly when it is sanded after drying. The resulting dust contains silica and kaolin, materials known to cause crippling and fatal lung diseases.

Toxic mold linked to crib deaths

SIDS is now linked to toxic mold found in crib mattresses. Mold growth can be caused when liquids such as milk, juice, and urine spill onto the mattress. And to make matters worse, since the 1950’s the government has mandated that fire retardant chemicals such as phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony be added to these mattresses. […]