ECSU addressing toxic mold concerns

Updated 11-19-09…
Non-toxic mold is the reported result at ECSU. Mold was discovered in the band hall and mechanical room of the Fine Arts Center, and then across campus in the G.R. Little Theater. Clean up has already begun, dehumidifiers are being used, and ceiling tiles are being replaced. New procedures are being followed in order […]

Tenant seeks $8000 in toxic mold damages

A Silver Spring resident says toxic mold consumed her apartment. The problem began this summer when an AC unit flooded her apartment while she was out of town. Shortly after, she began having headaches, nausea and sinus problems. Charmaine Green-Forde noticed it was just when she was in her apartment that she felt sick. She […]

Rainy weather good for toxic mold business

Recent Tennessee rains has lead to toxic mold growth in homes. Basements and crawl spaces have flooded, creating the perfect environment for fungus to grow. “If you see a spot that shows up on a wall, that may just be the tip of the iceberg. That could be just a small part of what’s actually […]

Complaints of toxic mold at Fort Bragg

Toxic mold is one of several issues facing Fort Bragg. A North Carolina group studying soldier housing says, “the barracks are not a suitable home for the Single Soldier and do not meet the Army standard for quality of life and mission readiness.” Col. Stephen J. Sicinski, the garrison commander, defends the living conditions, and […]

Toxic mold cited at Englewood nursing home

Toxic mold has been found at Englewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center. Following a former employee complaint, AHCA paid an unannounced visit to the facility. State inspectors found mold and water intrusion, peeling paint, soft walls and deteriorating windowsills. The agency says the nursing home’s “failure to repair water damage, prevent mold, and […]

Beech Grove City Hall evacuates, fears toxic mold

Update 10-24-09…
Toxic mold levels are still high at Beech Grove City Hall, in spite of recent renovations. Environmental inspector Steve Ambro says, “There still is an issue, and it’s still a significant issue. They’ve made progress, but still, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with and cleaned up further.” Board of Works […]

South Carolina courthouse battling toxic mold

Toxic mold has been affecting Newberry County employees for years. Problems go back to when the county excavated to create office space in the basement area. “I saw what looked like mold visibly growing on some papers on the department head’s desk. I saw the coil system in our heating and air condition unit […]

Toxic mold found at NY high school

Averill Park High School has a toxic mold problem. A portion of classrooms were closed off after students and staff complained of symptoms such as headaches, itchy throats and stuffed noses. Adirondack Environmental was called out to evaluate and mold was found in at least two classrooms. The school just underwent a new roof renovation […]

Toxic mold ruins young woman’s life

Jennifer Parker has been diagnosed with toxic mold poisoning. An indoor air quality test of her home revealed high counts of mycotoxins, including stachybotrys, aspergillus, penicillium and trichothecene. After suffering countless symptoms and seeing multiple specialists, it wasn’t until recently when she visited Dr. Andrew Campell in Spring, Texas that she was diagnosed with mycotoxicosis, […]

North Carolina school may have toxic mold

T C Berrien teachers have complained about possible toxic mold. Students and faculty have been removed from their building while repairs are being made. A letter was sent to the parents stating the relocation was due to leaky pipes. A new roof, as well as new tile and carpeting will be installed. Environmental specialist Tony […]