Laboratory searching for toxic mold resistant building materials

Toxic mold resistant building materials are the goal of a team of microbiologists at the Savannah River National Laboratory. Working with Matt from and Tuskegee University & Mississippi State, biologists flooded a makeshift house and let the water stay inside for three weeks. The water damage caused mold to start growing inside the house. […]

Toxic mold shuts down S Carolina EMS

Andrews EMS has a toxic mold emergency. Fire Chief Mack Reed said employees have been exposed to large amounts of mold, having headaches and respiratory problems. The county has temporarily shut down the station to do renovations. In the mean time, EMS workers are staying at a further location, which delays response time.

Mold in NY police station may be toxic

Buffalo police fear toxic mold may be the culprit behind cancer illnesses. Six or eight officers stationed at D district have some form of cancer. Preliminary test show the presence of mold in the building, but it has not been proven yet that it’s cancer causing. Officers have been moved to a temporary location […]

Toxic mold saga of Oak Ridge school

Updated 2-28-10…

Toxic mold was never definitely linked to Oak Ridge Elementary. Eight months after closing their doors, classes have now resumed at Oak Ridge. Many hours of work have been spent resolving issues that parents believe were making their children sick, including a number of changes to the HVAC system. Parents were able to tour […]

Alabama family settles toxic mold case with HUD

Updated 2-23-10…

The Trussville toxic mold case with HUD has come to an end. Nearly a year after fighting with the federal government, the Johannsens have finally moved back into their home. HUD completely renovated their home, while removing mold from the unoccupied adjoining town home as well. Unfortunately the unit next […]

Family illnesses caused by toxic mold exposure

Toxic mold has moved the Fabry family to Arizona. Their family’s health began to deteriorate in 2007 when mold was discovered in their Colorado home. They cut into their bathroom wall, accidentally releasing toxic spores which began a series of health problems. To make matters worse, remediators used fans on the mold, spreading the spores […]

Dog sniffs out toxic mold

Toxic mold is no match for Maggi, a dog abandoned and rescued from a hurricane in 2004. Trained at the Florida Canine Academy for eight months, she is an expert in mold detection. Maggi gives current owner Rob Donahue an edge in his Investigative Home Inspection business. She is 90% accurate, and must return to […]

Toxic mold, space issues at Claremore courthouse

Toxic mold keeps coming back at Rogers County Courthouse. Attempts to clean the mold have been nullified by frequent flooding.The most durable work boots and County leaders believe it’s no longer cost effective to repair the building because of age and size. The courthouse was built in 1936 and has been outgrown.


Toxic mold a problem at Kentucky school

A Kentucky school is addressing fears of toxic mold. Approximately 1200 students attend Taylor County Elementary School, making it the largest elementary school in Kentucky. The building is 75 years old and has constant moisture problems. Superintendent Roger Cook receives dozens of complaints every month from parents concerned about allergic reactions to mold and mildew.

NYIT students complain of toxic mold

Toxic mold is a concern for students at New York Institute of Technology. Complaints are coming from students that live off campus at the Old Westbury location. Following a visual inspection, NYIT determined the mold was non-toxic. The institute claims the problem has been addressed and students were given a choice to move. Some students […]