Toxic drywall tax deduction may be on the way

The IRS may rule to help homeowners who have toxic drywall. The agency is putting out a letter, that says: it may consider loss of home value, due to Chinese drywall, a casualty event. That would mean: homeowners could deduct the loss from their taxable income, possibly as soon as this tax year. The IRS […]

Date set for class-action toxic drywall lawsuit

The class-action toxic drywall lawsuit has been scheduled. It’s being called the largest construction defect case in U.S. history, and is set to be heard September 2010. The plan is to take one federal suit to the manufacturer in China and the distributor in Germany. For Florida homeowner Richard Kampf, that guaranteed lending with bad […]

Attorney and realtors discuss toxic drywall disclosure

Should toxic drywall in homes be disclosed? Realtors in Hampton Roads, VA attended a town hall meeting to discuss what they should do if homes they are selling contain drywall from China. The meeting was led by attorney Richard Serpe and , who has joined other lawyers across the country to help homeowners […]

Dangers of toxic drywall

Homes built with toxic drywall are facing many dangers. Air conditioner coils are corroding, copper wiring and outlets are covered with black soot, houses smell like rotten eggs and people are getting sick. The Florida Department of Health says the odor is coming from the emission of volatile sulfur compounds. These gases are […]

Is Communism behind toxic drywall scandal?

Toxic drywall has caused a housing boom tragedy. What started out as a good thing for the economy, has turned into a disaster. Houses that once had value, now have none. Like asbestos before it, toxic drywall has sparked lawsuits across the country. If your house smells like rotten eggs, you have appliances […]

Port of Tampa holding toxic drywall

A shipment of toxic drywall has been found at the Port of Tampa. Two longshoremen have come forth saying about 150 bundles have been stored there since 2006. They are concerned about their health and other coworkers whose job was to unload the toxic drywall from China. The EPA has taken samples for […]

American toxic drywall found in Florida home

Georgia Pacific is facing a toxic drywall lawsuit. The Swiddler family hired a and built their home with Toughrock brand drywall, which is producing the same symptoms as homes built with Chinese drywall. A key ingredient in Touchrock drywall is synthetic gypsum…chemical materials scrubbed from the exhaustive coal-fired power plants. Michael Swiddler […]

Home values plummet because of toxic drywall

The toxic drywall from China has left homeowners hopeless. Dream homes have turned into nightmares. Deterioration is causing home values to fall and health to decline. Even neighboring homes without toxic drywall are suffering. Attorney Vince Pravato questions, “Who’s going to want to buy a home in a community that’s known to have […]

House passes toxic drywall amendment

The House has approved a toxic drywall study. Florida Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart and Robert Wexler are seeking to protect homeowners. Their amendment was approved to determine the impact of toxic drywall on home foreclosures and the ability to get property insurance. They are also seeking $2 million in emergency funds to examine problems with the […]

Virgina community bans toxic drywall

Norfolk is the first U.S. city to ban toxic drywall from China. The ordinance was imposed to protect homeowners from builders who knowingly use products that might not be safe. Contractors must certify that they are not using drywall from China, or they will be denied a building permit. The EPA released results of tests […]