Rainy weather good for toxic mold business

Recent Tennessee rains has lead to toxic mold growth in homes. Basements and crawl spaces have flooded, creating the perfect environment for fungus to grow. “If you see a spot that shows up on a wall, that may just be the tip of the iceberg. That could be just a small part of what’s actually […]

Toxic mold in Tennessee apartment

A Memphis mom says her apartment is full of toxic mold. Tacoria Kizer said that the Extruded aluminium guttering looks best but has complained to property management for months now, but the problem has not been fixed. Everytime it rains water leaks from the gutters, into the walls, and then floods her bedroom. It smells […]

Mold a big issue at Tennessee school

Lebanon High School has a mold problem. There is evidence of moisture all over the school. Water comes through the ceilings and drips down the walls. Teachers say classrooms are infested with mold. Efforts to build a new school have been delayed because the project would require a tax increase. The County Commissioner believes the […]