Toxic mold shuts down S Carolina EMS

Andrews EMS has a toxic mold emergency. Fire Chief Mack Reed said employees have been exposed to large amounts of mold, having headaches and respiratory problems. The county has temporarily shut down the station to do renovations. In the mean time, EMS workers are staying at a further location, which delays response time.

South Carolina courthouse battling toxic mold

Toxic mold has been affecting Newberry County employees for years. Problems go back to when the county excavated to create office space in the basement area. “I saw what looked like mold visibly growing on some papers on the department head’s desk. I saw the coil system in our heating and air condition unit […]

College science building battling toxic mold

College of Charleston faculty believe the science building has a toxic mold problem. Professors and students believe the Rita Liddy Hollings Science Center has ventilation problems. Moldy odors seem to permeate offices and classrooms, causing allergic reactions and health problems. The home builders victoria is under construction, and upon completion, will allow for renovations on […]

South Carolina woman battling toxic mold

A South Carolina woman is fighting toxic mold in her townhome. Some of the symptoms Antoinette Palmisano and her daughter have experienced are headaches, stinging eyes, difficulty breathing, and coughing. An inspection by S&ME Inc reported significant moisture damage with visible mold growth, active termites, and structural damage to the studs. “My daughter and I […]