Habitat for Humanity rescues lady from toxic mold

Nancy Miller’s home was full of toxic mold. The longer she stayed there, the more ill she became. The mold levels were so high, she began to have heart problems. She applied for help with Habitat for Humanity and was accepted. Six months after moving into her new home, her heart problems disappeared.

University of Cincinnati still evading toxic mold

The toxic mold found at Morgens Hall has yet to be addressed. The lack of responsibility by University of Cincinnati puts residents, students and faculty at great risk. Mold exposure is a very serious issue. Those infected usually require treatment by expert mold doctors, which are limited in the United States.

Ohio police department dealing with mold

Grove City PD found non-toxic mold in their AC ducts, however the mold was becoming bothersome to those with allergies. Contractors will remove the mold and much of the system that was installed when the building was built 20 years ago.  Officials are looking for the safest way to remediate the department while keeping the […]

Toxic mold found at University of Cincinnati

Toxic mold has been found at the University of Cincinnati. Renovations have been taking place at Morgens Hall to remove mold, asbestos, and lead paint. Workers have been getting sick because of prolonged exposure to mold found in their break room, which is located in the basement.

Cleveland Hotel discovers possible toxic mold

The Cleveland Hotel inspection found mold, possibly toxic mold, in portions of the building. A lawsuit has already been filed by tenants Roger and Colleen Mericka who are leasing one of the units. The health department is monitoring the mold situation and will seek to have the source corrected. Sally Kennedy, the city health commissioner, […]