Chapel Hill, NC school tests for toxic mold

Toxic mold has been discovered at Ephesus Elementary in North Carolina. An indoor air quality test found higher than normal spore counts in an HVAC unit. The unit was cleaned, lowering the spore count; however, parents would like to have a professional Forklift Safety do a thorough examination.

Toxic mold saga of Oak Ridge school

Updated 2-28-10…

Toxic mold was never definitely linked to Oak Ridge Elementary. Eight months after closing their doors, classes have now resumed at Oak Ridge. Many hours of work have been spent resolving issues that parents believe were making their children sick, including a number of changes to the HVAC system. Parents were able to tour […]

ECSU addressing toxic mold concerns

Updated 11-19-09…
Non-toxic mold is the reported result at ECSU. Mold was discovered in the band hall and mechanical room of the Fine Arts Center, and then across campus in the G.R. Little Theater. Clean up has already begun, dehumidifiers are being used, and ceiling tiles are being replaced. New procedures are being followed in order […]

Complaints of toxic mold at Fort Bragg

Toxic mold is one of several issues facing Fort Bragg. A North Carolina group studying soldier housing says, “the barracks are not a suitable home for the Single Soldier and do not meet the Army standard for quality of life and mission readiness.” Col. Stephen J. Sicinski, the garrison commander, defends the living conditions, and […]

North Carolina school may have toxic mold

T C Berrien teachers have complained about possible toxic mold. Students and faculty have been removed from their building while repairs are being made. A letter was sent to the parents stating the relocation was due to leaky pipes. A new roof, as well as new tile and carpeting will be installed. Environmental specialist Tony […]

Allergy proofing your home

Mold is a common cause of allergies. This article discusses tips to help minimize or prevent those pesky flare-ups. Allergy sufferers could also benefit by diffusing Thieves oil in their home or car. This essential oil can be very effective against mold, pollen, or other allergy hosts.

Spring cleaning and toxic mold

Spring cleaners should be aware of toxic mold. It is commonly found in warm, dark places such as basements and crawl spaces, and often indicated by a musty odor. Bathrooms and closets with inadequate ventilation can also lead to mold growth. Homeowners can take samples with q-tips to have mold tested.

NC couple horrified at toxic mold in mattress

A North Carolina couple finds toxic mold in their Sleep Number bed. The Shamps were shocked when they looked inside thier mattress and found it eaten up with toxic mold. They notified Select Comfort, who agreed to refund their money upon return of the damaged items. The Shamps do not plan to join the lawsuit […]

Toxic mold turns dream home into nightmare

The Hodges family was plunged into a toxic mold nightmare as they were forced to leave their dream home in Oak Ridge, NC. Spacious and brand-new, it seemed like the perfect home for the couple and their daughter. However, four years later, the house sits empty after a testing expert found high levels of toxic […]