Mold in NY police station may be toxic

Buffalo police fear toxic mold may be the culprit behind cancer illnesses. Six or eight officers stationed at D district have some form of cancer. Preliminary test show the presence of mold in the building, but it has not been proven yet that it’s cancer causing. Officers have been moved to a temporary location […]

NYIT students complain of toxic mold

Toxic mold is a concern for students at New York Institute of Technology. Complaints are coming from students that live off campus at the Old Westbury location. Following a visual inspection, NYIT determined the mold was non-toxic. The institute claims the problem has been addressed and students were given a choice to move. Some students […]

Toxic mold found at NY high school

Averill Park High School has a toxic mold problem. A portion of classrooms were closed off after students and staff complained of symptoms such as headaches, itchy throats and stuffed noses. Adirondack Environmental was called out to evaluate and mold was found in at least two classrooms. The school just underwent a new roof renovation […]

Search for toxic drywall cure

Chlorine dioxide may cure the toxic drywall crisis. Sabre Technical Services of New York is testing the theory on a Florida duplex, which is also being monitored by the EPA. The company is confident that the chlorine dioxide will penetrate the drywall and cure the toxic fumes being emitted. Results are expected in […]