Toxic mold ruins young woman’s life

Jennifer Parker has been diagnosed with toxic mold poisoning. An indoor air quality test of her home revealed high counts of mycotoxins, including stachybotrys, aspergillus, penicillium and trichothecene. After suffering countless symptoms and seeing multiple specialists, it wasn’t until recently when she visited Dr. Andrew Campell in Spring, Texas that she was diagnosed with mycotoxicosis, […]

New Jersey fire station faces toxic mold

Mt Laurel firefighters have relocated after finding toxic mold. Fellowship Fire Station was closed when a rather extensive mold problem was discovered in a second floor shower stall. Hazardous levels of toxic mold spores were going airborne via the heating system throughout the three story structure. The firefighters have moved to downtown headquarters about five […]

EPA obtains test results from toxic drywall

Sulfur and acrylic paint compounds have been found in the toxic drywall from China. The EPA tested both American and Chinese drywall, and found the American wallboard to be free of such compounds. Further testing is needed to determine whether these substances are linked to recent home damages, and if they are dangerous to humans.