Beware of toxic mold exposure

Hetty Chang reports on the effects of toxic mold, especially if your immune system is weak. The microscopic fungi can have deadly consequences. Recognizing the symptoms of toxic mold exposure can be tricky because initial symptoms are similar to allergies. More serious health problems include respiratory infection, seizures, and even cancer.

Nevada health agency faces another lawsuit

The Nevada Health District is accused of exposing workers to toxic mold poisoning. Mold tests show the very agency in charge of protecting the community’s health has had mold present in their building for more than a decade. Mold experts say there is no such thing as an insignificant or safe level of mold. Now […]

Health inspector’s family sick from toxic mold

Dan Pauluk’s family has filed a toxic mold lawsuit against Southern Nevada Health District. They believe they were “cross-contaminated” by the mold in Pauluk’s body and have become seriously ill as a result. A co-worker has also joined the suit, alleging illness caused by exposure to mold at the health district. Dan Pauluk died from toxic […]

Health official eaten alive by toxic mold

Dan Pauluk died from the effects of toxic mold in his workplace–the offices of the Southern Nevada health district. His job as an inspector was to keep people safe from a harmful environment, yet he was eaten from the inside out by stachybotrys and aspergillus. Full report

Dan’s wife, Dr. Wendy Pauluk […]