House reps push for air-quality legislation

Massachusetts wants to reduce toxic air pollutants. Lawmakers are urging the Committee on Public Health to take favorable action on bills that would require studies on toxic mold, research on soot particles hovering in the air, and eliminate harmful cleaning products from schools. Studies would be funded by fees charged to companies that continually pour […]

Massachusetts woman wins toxic mold case

Toxic mold found in a Tewksbury rental home has resulted in a civil jury reward of just over $1 million dollars. While renting the home in 2005, the Hermans used their own mold home testing kit which revealed alarming levels of toxic mold. Levels that could trigger debilitating ailments, such as severe asthma which is […]

Toxic mold confirmed in Massachusetts televison station

Two environmental firms confirm the finding of toxic mold in the Old Rochester Community Television studio and control room. The directors are looking for a temporary facility after staff and visitors complained of the facilities air quality. Preliminary results came back positive in December and were confirmed in early February.