Toxic mold dispute at Louisiana apartment

A tenant at The Palms has found toxic mold. Nordeya Lawson says mold has taken over her walls, ceiling and even some furniture. Two of her children have recently become sick, suffering from blurry vision, dizziness, memory loss and headaches. The owner believes Lawson is partially to blame, and that she should take more responsibility […]

Date set for class-action toxic drywall lawsuit

The class-action toxic drywall lawsuit has been scheduled. It’s being called the largest construction defect case in U.S. history, and is set to be heard September 2010. The plan is to take one federal suit to the manufacturer in China and the distributor in Germany. For Florida homeowner Richard Kampf, that guaranteed lending with bad […]

Toxic drywall cases will be consolidated in Louisiana

The consolidation of toxic drywall lawsuits will take place in New Orleans. Judge Eldon E. Fallon is expected to approve the grouping of 100,000 lawsuits into a single class action complaint. The defendants will reportedly be seeking total damages of more than $1 billion. Florida alone is expected to file 35,000 cases within […]

Builders should be responsible for toxic drywall

Senator Quinn is seeking toxic drywall legislation. Her bill would allow homeowners to collect damages from local sellers, distributors, or manufacturers of the toxic drywall, as opposed to dealing with the Chinese manufacturers thousands of miles away. Businesses should be obligated to know what’s in their product before they sell it and make […]

Louisiana school discovers toxic mold

Haughton Middle School has discovered toxic mold. An environmental firm found three classrooms containing high volumes of penicillium. Admistrators admit that mold has been a problem since 2002, but believe it poses no major health risks. Parents are not so sure, even though mold is common in Louisiana. Haughton plans to re-roof the school this […]

Toxic drywall found in Louisiana homes

Toxic drywall has been found in Louisiana homes. Alexis Carter’s Covington home was built with drywall supplied by the company Knauf, a known supplier of contaminated drywall. Builder Sunrise Homes was only supposed to use drywall manufactured in the United States, however now they can’t guarantee that none of the toxic drywall was shipped to […]