Mold delays classes at Kansas school

Toxic levels of mold caused Oak Grove Elementary to postpone the first week of school. Officials noticed problems earlier in the summer…too much water resulting in mold, and tests showing unsatisfactory air quality in the building. Turner School District allowed them one week to remediate the situation, replacing tiles, carpet, etc.

Toxic mold forcing Kansas residents from apartments

Residents are complaining of toxic mold in a Wichita apartment complex. Previous flooding has caused mold and water damage. Bugs and spiders are also a problem. Occupants are moving out, frustrated that repairs are taking too long. Management says improvements are being made, however this particular unit is last in line.


Kansas tenants looking for toxic mold regulations

Kansas tenants want clear standards concerning their toxic mold rights. Guidelines for mold testing and removal have been established in a few states, such as Texas and New York. However many states don’t have standards regulating toxic mold in buildings and homes. According to Robert Brandys, director of the Indoor Air Quality Association, the United […]