Beech Grove City Hall evacuates, fears toxic mold

Update 10-24-09…
Toxic mold levels are still high at Beech Grove City Hall, in spite of recent renovations. Environmental inspector Steve Ambro says, “There still is an issue, and it’s still a significant issue. They’ve made progress, but still, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with and cleaned up further.” Board of Works […]

Indiana woman suffers from toxic mold, wants regulations

Linton resident Susan McDonald has suffered from toxic mold exposure. For a few years now she has been treated for ailments such as burning eyes and throat, open sores that wouldn’t heal, body aches, muscle pains, sinus infections, fatigue, eye infections, headaches, acid reflux, dizziness, itchy skin, numbness, and chronic runny nose. The symptoms began […]

Toxic mold lawsuit settled against Terre Haute eye clinic

The toxic mold case against the former Wabash Valley Surgery and Eye Center has been settled in mediation. The lawsuit was originally filed in April 2002 involving respiratory afflictions to 16 employees caused by stachybotrys and other molds in the Associated Physicians & Surgeons Clinic (AP&S) building at 422 Poplar Street in Terre Haute, IN. […]