Laboratory searching for toxic mold resistant building materials

Toxic mold resistant building materials are the goal of a team of microbiologists at the Savannah River National Laboratory. Working with Matt from and Tuskegee University & Mississippi State, biologists flooded a makeshift house and let the water stay inside for three weeks. The water damage caused mold to start growing inside the house. […]

Toxic mold found in Augusta LEC building

LEC employees have been plagued with toxic mold. A study conducted nearly six years ago found seventeen different types of mold present in the building, including aspergillus and stachybotrys. Dr. Jack Austin, infectious disease specialist, says the mold is mostly linked to “sick building syndrome.” Plans are being made to build a new center within […]

Dog sniffs out toxic mold

Toxic mold is no match for Maggi, a dog abandoned and rescued from a hurricane in 2004. Trained at the Florida Canine Academy for eight months, she is an expert in mold detection. Maggi gives current owner Rob Donahue an edge in his Investigative Home Inspection business. She is 90% accurate, and must return to […]

FEMA helping Georgia flood victims

FEMA advisors are in South Georgia assisting flood victims. Many households have been effected by toxic mold, and FEMA wants to make sure that homeowners are educated regarding the clean-up process. Advisors are encouraging repairs that prevent future weather damage, as well as fix the problem at hand. Homeowners armed with the right tools and […]

Georgians question FEMA on toxic mold removal

Georgia flood victims are concerned about toxic mold. Hundreds have applied for federal assistance, but many have questions about the qualifications. If your home sustained any damage at all, FEMA recommends applying for assistance. It can’t hurt, and could help lessen your financial burden.

Flooded Atlanta homes filled with toxic mold

Toxic mold has taken over flooded homes in Dougherty County, Georgia. At least 33 property owners have extensive flood damage. Kenny Freeman has moved out of his home and has been camping in his front yard. Money is tight and the mold has gotten too bad. “There’s no way you could live in here, you […]

Songwriters poisoned by toxic mold

News report on Iris Hardin Brooks. Her local hospital, the Medical College of Georgia, offered no insight because it takes the traditional head-in-the-sand medical stance that “There is no such thing as toxic mold, and at worst it can cause allergies which vary from person to person”.

However, better informed professionals quickly spotted the sign posts […]