Toxic mold and its affect on pets

It seems no one can escape the wrath of toxic mold, including pets. Pets are particularly sensitive to the effects of mold because their noses like to go where mold grows. Both indoor and outdoor mold can prove to be harmful, particularly black mold. The first case of toxic mold in pets was in Florida […]

Toxic mold cited at Englewood nursing home

Toxic mold has been found at Englewood Health Care & Rehabilitation Center. Following a former employee complaint, AHCA paid an unannounced visit to the facility. State inspectors found mold and water intrusion, peeling paint, soft walls and deteriorating windowsills. The agency says the nursing home’s “failure to repair water damage, prevent mold, and […]

Vandalism leads to toxic mold in rent house

A Florida landlord is facing toxic mold after her home gets flooded. A landscaper noticed a broken window and notified Ms. Veloz, the homeowner. Renters had moved out a few weeks prior, leaving the home susceptible to vandals, who turned on a faucet before leaving the place. Mold is now growing everywhere, totaling more than […]

Disabled, elderly residents losing home to toxic mold

Toxic mold is forcing elderly and disabled Florida occupants from their home. Windows are rotting from mold and recent tests for toxic drywall have come back positive. Gina Laine of United Church Homes says, “We do not feel safe letting these residents remain in the building until we work through these issues.” United Church Homes […]

Toxic drywall tax deduction may be on the way

The IRS may rule to help homeowners who have toxic drywall. The agency is putting out a letter, that says: it may consider loss of home value, due to Chinese drywall, a casualty event. That would mean: homeowners could deduct the loss from their taxable income, possibly as soon as this tax year. The IRS […]

Date set for class-action toxic drywall lawsuit

The class-action toxic drywall lawsuit has been scheduled. It’s being called the largest construction defect case in U.S. history, and is set to be heard September 2010. The plan is to take one federal suit to the manufacturer in China and the distributor in Germany. For Florida homeowner Richard Kampf, that guaranteed lending with bad […]

Patent pending on toxic drywall RISS System(TM)

The RISS System(TM) has been developed to remove toxic drywall compounds. Sabco Inc from Florida created the invention to remove indoor air contaminants released by the drywall and reduce sulfur levels to a minimum. The system does not require the homeowners to leave the premises or personal property to be removed. Existing toxic drywall does […]

Filter created to combat toxic drywall gases

A Montreal company has helped create a filter to battle the toxic drywall problem. Aller Air Industries Inc is working with Spiderman Mulholland of U.S. Building Consultants Inc, to find a solution to the harmful gases being emitted from the drywall from China. “We developed a carbon filter unit specifically to reduce the […]

Toxic drywall damages real estate market even more

Real estate sales are even lower than normal because of toxic drywall. RE/MAX realtor, Kathy Slusser, says the drywall scandal is effecting her bottom line. “Over the past four to six weeks, our office alone has lost more than $500,000 in sales because of Chinese drywall,” Slusser estimates. Realtors believe the drywall problem […]

Race to solve the toxic drywall crisis

Businesses across the country are working on a toxic drywall solution. Environmental laboratories, building contractors, chemical manufacturers and air quality technicians are hoping to be the first ones to come up with a million dollar solution…one that will solve the toxic drywall problem and possibly secure a share in the profitable remediation of […]