Family illnesses caused by toxic mold exposure

Toxic mold has moved the Fabry family to Arizona. Their family’s health began to deteriorate in 2007 when mold was discovered in their Colorado home. They cut into their bathroom wall, accidentally releasing toxic spores which began a series of health problems. To make matters worse, remediators used fans on the mold, spreading the spores […]

Guess what? Mold is everywhere

Toxic mold has been around for centuries. It is an ancient microorganism that adapts to moist environments and digests decaying material. Mold is neither plant nor animal, but a member of the fungus family. It reproduces through the formation of tiny particles known as spores, which are released into the air. Mold is […]

Military aware of toxic mold dangers

Colorado mother Andrea Fabry finds it astounding how the military can know so much about the dangers of toxic mold, while the general public knows so little. Through research she discovers that yellow rain used by the Russians in Vietnam and Afghanistan was comprised of the same mycotoxin found in stachybotrys. Read more about her […]