Ed McMahon suffered mold poisoning in 2002, dies at 86

Ed McMahon was plagued by health issues, including toxic mold poisoning. In 2002, he sued his insurance company alleging he and his wife Pamela Hurn had become ill from toxic mold in their home after contractors were negligent in cleaning up water damage from a broken pipe. More recently McMahon had been hospitalized […]

Toxic mold behind San Diego school closures

Though first aired in 2006, this toxic mold video is yet another demonstration of the obstacles that will be placed in the path of those trying to enlighten the public about the eminent dangers of toxic mold if they enter the battle unprepared. Two San Diego schools were torn down for ludicrous reasons, despite complaints […]

Toxic mold behind Sleep Number bed lawsuit

Select Comfort Corp faces a toxic mold lawsuit in San Jose, CA. Attorney Robert Gagliasso claims a defect in Sleep Number beds can lead to the growth of dangerous mold. Select Comfort, however, insists that mold can be present in any form of upholstered furniture, not just Sleep Number beds.

Toxic mold plagues California BOE building

Workers discovered toxic mold in the walls of the CA Board of Equalization building. A bursted pipe sent thousands of gallons of hot water down to the first floor, causing new mold damage, however, some was already existing. The BOE building has been plagued with mold problems. The top three floors have been closed off […]

California courthouse rebuilt due to toxic mold

Ten years after toxic mold shut down the Morgan Hill courthouse, it will be be re-opening on April 6, 2009. Crews have struggled to complete the new two-story satellite courthouse for the past 4 1/2 years, while one construction problem after another cropped up. Employees have endured temporary working quarters infested with rats and ants, […]