Family illnesses caused by toxic mold exposure

Toxic mold has moved the Fabry family to Arizona. Their family’s health began to deteriorate in 2007 when mold was discovered in their Colorado home. They cut into their bathroom wall, accidentally releasing toxic spores which began a series of health problems. To make matters worse, remediators used fans on the mold, spreading the spores […]

Toxic mold issue at Arizona school

Update 8-23-09…
Mesa school officials say mold spores have been restored to safe levels. Red Mountain Ranch Elementary has undergone renovations this summer to remove mold found in several areas of the school. Nearly $8,000 was spent on air quality testing, and the mold remediation may exceed $50,000. Air quality at the school has been a […]

Arizona woman battles mold in rent home

Toxic mold is a big problem for Arizona grandmother. Gail Tucker thought she found the perfect home in Gilbert, AZ. Since moving in however, she has had nothing but trouble. The home has been plagued with structural problems and dangerous molds. She has sought help from the landlord, realty company, and even the […]

American Express manager wins toxic mold case

Robin Minium has been permanently disabled by toxic mold. Her health deteriorated significantly after moving into and working out of her Scottsdale apartment. Doctors agreed her symptoms were consistent with toxic mold exposure. The defense argued that mold contamination could not have caused such lasting health effects, however the jury sided in Minium’s favor rewarding […]