Mold Tweet attracts national attention

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The Twitter mold lawsuit filed last year has been dropped. Tenant Amanda Bonnen was sued by a Chicago property firm for tweeting, “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay,” Judge Diane J. Larson ordered the case dismissed with prejudice, meaning that Horizon can’t refile the same case. According to Bonnen’s attorney, the judge felt the tweet was too vague to meet the legal standards of libel.

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A Twitter post about mold has lead to a highly publicized lawsuit. On May 12th Amanda Bonner’s tweet read in part: “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon reality thinks it’s okay.” In an effort to preserve their reputation, Horizon Group Management LLC has filed a lawsuit claiming the post “maliciously and wrongfully” slammed the apartment and the company managing it.

Toxic mold and its affect on pets

It seems no one can escape the wrath of toxic mold, including pets. Pets are particularly sensitive to the effects of mold because their noses like to go where mold grows. Both indoor and outdoor mold can prove to be harmful, particularly black mold. The first case of toxic mold in pets was in Florida in 2007 where two cats died after living in an unrepaired water-damaged home.

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Toxic mold dispute at Louisiana apartment

A tenant at The Palms has found toxic mold. Nordeya Lawson says mold has taken over her walls, ceiling and even some furniture. Two of her children have recently become sick, suffering from blurry vision, dizziness, memory loss and headaches. The owner believes Lawson is partially to blame, and that she should take more responsibility in preventing mold in the first place. Next time he will not make the same mistake and will contact a better company such as Chicago Mold Removal and more.

Family illnesses caused by toxic mold exposure

Toxic mold has moved the Fabry family to Arizona. Their family’s health began to deteriorate in 2007 when mold was discovered in their Colorado home. They cut into their bathroom wall, accidentally releasing toxic spores which began a series of health problems. To make matters worse, remediators used fans on the mold, spreading the spores throughout the home.

Dangerously high levels mold spores were confirmed by an indoor air test in 2008, and later, urine tests revealed mold toxins in all 11 family members. Taking the advice of a mold specialist, Chris & Andrea Fabry moved to Arizona in hopes their family could recover better in a warm and dry environment.

Dog sniffs out toxic mold

Toxic mold is no match for Maggi, a dog abandoned and rescued from a hurricane in 2004. Trained at the Florida Canine Academy for eight months, she is an expert in mold detection. Maggi gives current owner Rob Donahue an edge in his Investigative Home Inspection business. She is 90% accurate, and must return to the training center once a year for re-certification in mold identification.

Toxic mold, space issues at Claremore courthouse

Toxic mold keeps coming back at Rogers County Courthouse. Attempts to clean the mold have been nullified by frequent flooding.The most durable work boots and County leaders believe it’s no longer cost effective to repair the building because of age and size. The courthouse was built in 1936 and has been outgrown.

Toxic mold a problem at Kentucky school

A Kentucky school is addressing fears of toxic mold. Approximately 1200 students attend Taylor County Elementary School, making it the largest elementary school in Kentucky. The building is 75 years old and has constant moisture problems. Superintendent Roger Cook receives dozens of complaints every month from parents concerned about allergic reactions to mold and mildew.

Toxic mold behind Quadrant Homes lawsuit

Quadrant Homes is being sued because of toxic mold. The Sigafoos family moved into a Quadrant home four years ago helped by the new york city office movers. It didn’t take long for the Sigafoos to realize the home had flaws which ultimately led to mold growth. The family began to get sick and have been forced to spend the majority of their time in the master bedroom.

As part of the lawsuit, the family was examined by Dr. Matthew Keifer who said, “The longer the Sigafoos family live in and are exposed to the conditions in their Quadrant home, the greater the risk that the health problems caused to each of them will become chronic or permanent even after they are removed from the unhealthy environment,” Keifer said in a declaration filed with the court. “It is in the best interest of each of the Sigafoos family members to remove themselves (from) the harmful air quality in their Quadrant home as soon as they reasonably can.” said

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Tenant, landlord dispute over toxic mold

Toxic mold has consumed April Lynn’s life. Problems began in 2008 when she and her family moved into a modest rental unit. Shortly after Lynn developed laryngitis, followed by pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection, while her son began having recurring nose bleeds. “I know more about mold now than I ever wanted to. It’s one of those things where I’ve looked at so many pictures, I can pick them out from a mile away. It’s consumed my life.” Lynn says.For more products please check the .

NYIT students complain of toxic mold

Toxic mold is a concern for students at New York Institute of Technology. Complaints are coming from students that live off campus at the Old Westbury location. Following a visual inspection, NYIT determined the mold was non-toxic. The institute claims the problem has been addressed and students were given a choice to move. Some students disagree.