ECSU addressing toxic mold concerns

Updated 11-19-09…
Non-toxic mold is the reported result at ECSU. Mold was discovered in the band hall and mechanical room of the Fine Arts Center, and then across campus in the G.R. Little Theater. Clean up has already begun, dehumidifiers are being used, and ceiling tiles are being replaced. New procedures are being followed in order to avoid any future occurrences.

Original post 10-26-09…
Toxic mold appears to be an issue at Elizabeth City State University. The problem is originating in the Fine Arts center. Some classes have been held outside, and one particular student wears a mask when he can because the smell and mold have gotten so bad. “Basically it’s gotten to the point now our chests are starting to get congested, our throats started getting backed up,” student Akeem Williams said. ECSU leaders acknowledge conditions have deteriorated and warrant a full scale solution.

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