Suzanne Somers: Home That Nearly Killed Me

Susanne Somers talks about her new book “Tox-Sick: From Toxic to Not Sick” in which she describes here experience with toxic black mold.


Facility linked to meningitis outbreak overgrown with mold and bacteria

The compounding pharmacy responsible for mixing the drugs that caused the deadly meningitis outbreak was found to have ignored Food and Drug Administration regulations, containing mold and bacteria on its equipment. See story

Natural Solution for Toxic Mold Removal

Mold expert stumbles upon an amazingly powerful and non-toxic method of toxic mold removal…in his wife’s aromatherapy kit

In 2005, Edward Close, PhD, a mold remediation consultant with 30 years experience in the environmental industry, with awards from many South Beach and Pompano Beach mold removal companies, was asked to do third-party sampling […]

Toxic mold found in Augusta LEC building

LEC employees have been plagued with toxic mold. A study conducted nearly six years ago found seventeen different types of mold present in the building, including aspergillus and stachybotrys. Dr. Jack Austin, infectious disease specialist, says the mold is mostly linked to “sick building syndrome.” Plans are being made to build a new center within […]

Mold in NY police station may be toxic

Buffalo police fear toxic mold may be the culprit behind cancer illnesses. Six or eight officers stationed at D district have some form of cancer. Preliminary test show the presence of mold in the building, but it has not been proven yet that it’s cancer causing. Officers have been moved to a temporary location […]

Toxic mold saga of Oak Ridge school

Updated 2-28-10…

Toxic mold was never definitely linked to Oak Ridge Elementary. Eight months after closing their doors, classes have now resumed at Oak Ridge. Many hours of work have been spent resolving issues that parents believe were making their children sick, including a number of changes to the HVAC system. Parents were able to tour […]

Alabama family settles toxic mold case with HUD

Updated 2-23-10…

The Trussville toxic mold case with HUD has come to an end. Nearly a year after fighting with the federal government, the Johannsens have finally moved back into their home. HUD completely renovated their home, while removing mold from the unoccupied adjoining town home as well. Unfortunately the unit next […]

Mold Tweet attracts national attention

Updated 2-7-10…

The Twitter mold lawsuit filed last year has been dropped. Tenant Amanda Bonnen was sued by a Chicago property firm for tweeting, “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay,” Judge Diane J. Larson ordered the case dismissed with prejudice, meaning that Horizon can’t refile the […]

Toxic mold and its affect on pets

It seems no one can escape the wrath of toxic mold, including pets. Pets are particularly sensitive to the effects of mold because their noses like to go where mold grows. Both indoor and outdoor mold can prove to be harmful, particularly black mold. The first case of toxic mold in pets was in Florida […]

Toxic mold dispute at Louisiana apartment

A tenant at The Palms has found toxic mold. Nordeya Lawson says mold has taken over her walls, ceiling and even some furniture. Two of her children have recently become sick, suffering from blurry vision, dizziness, memory loss and headaches. The owner believes Lawson is partially to blame, and that she should take more responsibility […]