Alabama family settles toxic mold case with HUD

Updated 2-23-10…

The Trussville toxic mold case with HUD has come to an end. Nearly a year after fighting with the federal government, the Johannsens have finally moved back into their home. HUD completely renovated their home, while removing mold from the unoccupied adjoining town home as well. Unfortunately the unit next door remains empty, which is a great concern for the Johannsens. “You never know what’s going on on the other side of your walls, you can only control your own so that’s what we’re doing and hoping everything will stay safe,” Leslianne said.

Original post 6-13-09…

Toxic mold has forced a Trussville family from their home. The Johannsens have resolved their case with the Federal Government. The family lived in a townhouse that was connected to a HUD home. A roof leak in the government unit caused mold to spread into the Johannsens walls, floors and vents. HUD is paying for the remediation and reimbursing the family for six months of mortgage payments. The project should be completed in a few months.

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